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We do need the talented 10 percent

By Clenard Childress

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, when posed with the question concerning the finding in a recent Ebony poll revealed that only One in Ten Negroes have ever physically participated in any form of social protest, responded by saying

    • “But it is true undeniably, that there are many Negroes who will never fight for freedom – yet who will be eager enough to accept it when it comes. And there are millions of Negroes who have never known anything but oppression, who are so devoid of pride and self-respect that they have resigned themselves to segregation. Other negroes comfortable and complacent, consider that they are above the struggle of the masses, and still others seek personal profit from segregation.”

It has been said, The More Things Change The More They Seemingly Remain The Same. As in most cases, Dr. King summed up the socio-political data prudently and insightfully. This analysis can quite equivocally be applied today in the present struggle for social justice in the African-American community. The true irony today is that the sinister percentage of King’s day has become the perceived leadership of this present day. The African-American profiteers of segregation of yesterday have become the “progressive” race baiters for profit of today. Their assent to this lofty place of prominence had come the same way you now have Obama Care and Same Sex Marriage. For personal gain and self-aggrandizement, they redefined the meaning of social justice. One could say their attentions were at one time noble but the lure of power, prestige, and prominence has corrupted many a man and the African-American community has been victimized the most on every level by government. Al Sharpton is an ordained COGIC minister, yet he supports the right of a law that sanctions the killing of children in the womb and he is a supporter of Gay Marriage; both of which are denounced by Church Of God In Christ as “sin and an abomination.” Jessie Jackson, another ordained minister, once said, “Abortion is Black Genocide…” “What happens to a mind of a person and the moral fabric of a nation that can abort a baby without a pang of conscience…” Jessie Jackson is now pro-abortion and said he would perform Gay Marriages.

Now JUSTICE doesn’t ask you to protect your children, JUSTICE says for you to live promiscuously and murder, by dismemberment or chemical warfare, any child that may be conceived. JUSTICE now demands the destabilization of society by redefining the primary social building block of society – marriage between one man and one woman – thus imposing flawed sexual orientation upon unsuspecting children and validating an unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle based upon to political correctness and emotion. JUSTICE tells African-American parents to send their children to failing schools run by Black Mayors and Black City Councils who spend Federal Money on who knows what, and when it doesn’t work, tell you they need more money. And oh by the way, it’s those mean old rascally white Republicans who are keeping more money away from you for your children. Please tell me how you can spend $32,000 on a child each year, fail and then ask for more money? What parents need to ask for is an audit, a new system, and new leadership – this is JUSTICE – yet they put the same old folks in again, and again, and again, and somehow expect things to change. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Malcom X aptly called such leaders “House Negroes” because the oppressive regime used them to keep African-Americans on the plantation and to willfully accept this perverted injustice. In the days of Slavery, it was white Slave Owners who profited on the backs of Slaves – now it’s the Democratic Party who profits from their pretense of ‘diversity’ and who rewards these House Negro Leaders who keep African-Americans polluted and confused about social justice, and they call this JUSTICE….

These parents and relatives are the ones Dr. Martin Luther King mentioned and are the millions who know oppression. Due to deception by the “House Negro” they embraced a political regime which has left them devoid of zeal for upward mobility and has caused them to be resigned to sending their children to these failing institutions. Hidden from the Black Community is the fact that the only ones profiting from their school system are the Teacher’s Union and bloated staff. Not all who are complacent have necessarily been party to the decimation of the African-American community but their sin is in not honoring those who gave their lives so they could have any semblance of prosperity and success. They stepped over courageous lives, that by their sacrifice, opened the door for them, yet they have fallen for the ‘system’ scripture warned us saying, “…they are seekers of pleasure more than seekers of God…” The increase of the affluence in the African-American community did not add to the lines of those who would stand for justice. They, too, changed the mandate saying, “We are not our brother’s keeper…” Their ascension has increased the demand for entertainment and self-indulgence, but unfortunately, not for community service.

As I wrote above, the poll taken by Ebony in the 60’s during the height of the civil rights movement said One in Ten African-American persons physically participated in social protest. I would ask the following questions today: what percentage of African-Americans have ever physically protested the targeting of the African-American community by Planned Parenthood for abortion? What percentage of African-Americans have ever physically protested the over 20 million African-Americans who have been killed by abortion since 1973 – presently 1,786 a day! How many African-Americans have physically protested the persecution and attack of Bible-believing Christians who uphold Christian values and don’t want to be imposed upon by the LGBT community to participate in their rituals? How many African-American Parents have protested to, and held accountable, their Black City Councils? How many African-American Parents have protested and held them responsible for their failing schools? How many African-American Parents have held these same individuals accountable for destroying their children’s futures?

I will say this, “if it were One in Ten, none of these social ills would persist!”

© Clenard Childress