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Gosnell Movie is Changing Minds on Abortion

Gosnell Movie


We wanted to bring you the stunning news that the Gosnell Movie is changing minds across America.

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer is breaking through the mainstream media coverup and attempts to suppress the film and people are responding.

A University of Central Florida student Kathy Zhu has tweeted that the film has moved her from pro-choice to pro-life.

“Yesterday, I was pro-choice. I believed that women should have a say & the gov shouldn’t be interfering w/ our lives,” she wrote to her 50,000 followers.

“Today, I’m pro-life. After watching #Gosnell & doing in-depth research, I finally understand the horrors of loopholes in late term abortions. Pls go watch Gosnell.”

And then Patrick Courrielche tweeted that:

“The Gosnell movie singlehandedly changed my mind on abortion.”

We have heard many stories like that. We showed a liberal friend an early cut of the film and he left the theater and started chain-smoking declaring: “I’ll have to rethink everything”.

That is why we made the Gosnell Movie – not to make people think a particular thing but to bring facts to people and to make them think again. As journalists and filmmakers it is all we want to do.

This is why the mainstream media have wanted to suppress the Gosnell story and movie. This is why they won’t review the film, this is why NPR refused to accept our ad, and this is why Facebook is still blocking our advertisements (50 and counting now). The Gosnell trial was in a court of law. Witnesses were not allowed to spout propaganda or talking points. Everything they said had to be backed up by evidence. It was the truth about abortion. And the Gosnell Movie is based on transcripts of that truth and when people hear that truth it shakes their beliefs.

The Gosnell Movie has faced unprecedented attacks but it is breaking box office records. Despite a media blackout it was in the top 10 on the opening weekend and was the number 1 independent movie across the US.

We need to keep this momentum growing. Even though it was popular some theaters have mysteriously removed it from their roster. But the numbers continue to grow. We need you to continue to go and see the film. It’s PG 13 – there is no gore or horror – just facts that are making people across the US think again. The list of theaters still playing the movie can be found here:

If you have seen it already please go again and bring a group – even a couple of friends. If it isn’t playing near you then many people are buying tickets online anyway to support the film and send a message to Hollywood and the mainstream media that the coverup stops now. Some people have said they are buying tickets in memory of all the victims of Gosnell’s abortion mill.

Please do what you can so we can get the truth out.

Thank You