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Maafa 21 – Black Genocide in 21st Century America

 It's the movie too explosive for Hollywood to make. It's about a plan that begin 150 years ago to exterminate a whole race of people and how that plan is still being carried out today. It's about elitism, economic control and terrifying racial agencies. It's about things the media won't tell you and things politicians don't want you to know. 

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Message from the Founders

Rev. ChildersThe Primary reason that Life Education and Resource Networks (LEARN) exists is to ensure the survival of people of color and encourage Judeo-Christian family values when addressing bio-ethical issues. Our expertise comes in the form of the most valuable resources of all, human beings with experience. For those needing healing, we have those who have been healed and medical doctors whose work is healing. We have those who promote virtuous lifestyles. We have those who help the poor, provide prenatal and parental training. We have watchmen on the walls who sound the warning and stop the thief. We have a Savior Who is willing to forgive. His name is Jesus. We have a Lord Who willing to reign in our lives. His name is Jesus. We have victory, and it is in the name of Jesus! Today, we stand on the brink of success.

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